Monday, July 16, 2007

Templare Changing Failure

Went looking for a new theme for this blog as the old one was really getting stale for me to to look at it everyday. Found lots of mice ones. It has been quite sometime that I went looking for Blogger Themes and I was surprised by the sheer number of themes that are so nicely done.

Found a site that was recommended by a blogger friend called Final Sense. The templates available there are simply amazing. So professionally done and all it given out for free. Some a are classic themes and some are XML themes for the new version of Blogger.

Downloaded one to try out but alas, it did not turn up properly. SO i went digging to see what was wrong and why the template doesn't work.Then I realise that I was using a classic template before and i downloaded one that is suitable only if I revert back to the new Blogger. Did just that, but still there was something wrong.

After tinkering wih the codes for a little while, I realised that I don't have the talents with code. I got real frustratated about my ignorance.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Getting the best insurance deal online

Many years ago, when I know any of my friends are involved in selling insurance, i try to avoid him as much as I can. Insurance agents can really get on my nerves with their endless lectures on how I should protect my properties, my family and my health. Sometimes they go so overboard that I feel they are hoping I will really get sick so I will buy a policy from them.

However, selling Insurance has taken a big turnabout. Their Agents have been properly trained on how top approach a client and with education and proper understanding about Insurance, people have become very receptive about buying insurance. It is normal nowadays for a household to have insurances for their whole family and their properties. In fact it has become compulsory to insure everything.

One of the first policy that an individual gets the moment they are independent is a life insurance policy. These days, getting such a policy is very easy. There are so many companies that are offering these policies that competition is stiff. This augurs well for consumers and they get to pick the best one. is a site for people to make comparisons when they want to buy a life insurance policy. This Site lets users gets quotes from all the reputable insurance companies online and when they find the one that offers the best value, they can purchase directly online with the hassle of going to their offices.


Can Blogger be Optimized?

Decided to give this blog a small face lift. The previous heme that I was using seems to take ages to load and I hate to wait. I think lots of people too dislike slow loading blogs. Experts have deduced that the longest waiting period that someone is willing to wait for a site to load is about 20 seconds. After that the majority will just head somewhere else.

Tried checking out a few sites that designs blogger Templates and I found one that i really like at Gecko and Fly but after uploading the codes here, I found that it doesn't work, so i used this minimalistic theme instead. There is no frills here and it loads much faster than the previous one.

I am actually quite surprise that no one has written any kind of plugins for Blogger. Maybe this platform is not suitable for these kind of programs. It would really be wonderful if we can get all those cool plugins to work with Blogger.Where there are millions of articles out there teaching everyone how to optimise their Wordpress blogs for a thousand things, I haven't seen one tip even for Blogger. Does that mean Blogger needs no optimization or it has it's codes been fully optimised? I really have no idea and it seems like it's a tabboo to mention the word optimization for Blogger.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shopping Online is Additive

I just started to get an interest in shopping online. When there was worries that my credit information will be compromised, my worries were somewhat unfounded when I saw what my friends have been buying over the net for the past one month. He is getting things much cheaper that what I buy in stores because he been using coupons when he shops online.

Online shopping can be addictive. especially when you see all the good bargains that you get when you shop with Online Coupons. Sometimes I get to save a whopping 70% discount. Just the other day, as I was looking for something for my daughter's birthday, I discovered that Kmart is offering a 70% off their diamond and gemstone jewelry.That was a really good bargain. With all the good bargains, I just hope I can control myself.


Is there any future in Paid Posting?

The number of blogs have been mushrooming and the number of blogs registered with most of the sites that offers Paid Postings have also increased dramatically. When it was possible to get a few opportunities a day before, these days we practically have to fight over what was offered. Something that does not augurs well for posties like me who have a slow internet access. It also effect the prices of opportunities and the value of our page ranks.

I was really happy when one of my blogs attained a PR 5 during the last update. thinking that this will be my passport to better opportunities. However, the 5 ranking has lost much of it's value now. The most highly paid reviews are for blogs with PR6 and even a $5 review need a pr5 nowadays.

In a year or two, the number of PR 6 blogs will also be so common that I think Page Ranks will no longer be the pricing criteria for Paid Posts. Instead, Alexa Ranks will be considered more as Alexa rankings are based on readership numbers. Even some advertiserd now insist on a good Alexa Rankig when offering opportunities.

I hate to think about the future of Paid Postings. The mad rush to start blogs for this pupose alone has played a big part in the detioration and I see a bleak road ahead.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Find Friends in FriendFinder.

I bet most of you who surfs the Net regularly would have come across a banner that introduces a dating site called I got this opportunity to review this site via PayPerPost and would like to share with you my feelings about this dating site.

First of all FriendFinder is a huge site. Not in the manner of huge because of the pages that this site carries but huge in terms of their member database. Listings spreads from every state in the US to half the world right across to the Middle East! In the United States alone, the total number of listings with all the States combined shows a staggering figure of 870,439 listings. Canada has 85,135 listings and Australia has 52,695. In Asia, Malaysia being such a small country has a listing of 26,588 members. Though I did not do my Maths, but the combined figures will easily surpass the 2 million mark. Now imagine. You can actually make more than 2 million potential friends! For the lonely hearts out there, don't complain that you can't find a date!

Joining FriendFinder is Free and is a no brainier. All you have to do is to create an account and a user name. Tell FriendFinder what you are there for, like whether you would like to find friends, looking for a serious relationship, marriage and so on.

Chatrooms are open for members and they get to choose their chat mates from countries of their preference. For those wishing to reveal more of themselves, they can create a blog within FriendFinder and I must say, it is a very good way to interact with some blogs receiving more than 100 comments. Other interesting things you can do at FriendFinder includes contributing articles and posing questions in their Magazine. There is even a very lucrative affiliate program where members are paid for getting new members to sign up.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tmnet So Slow.

I hate it when the Internet connection slows down to snail like pace. It gets so frustrating, especially if you are trying to reserve some reviews from PayPerPost. It takes a full 2 minute for the whole page to load and by the time I take the opportunity, someone else with a faster connection has beaten me to it.

Of course I understand it could be some technical fault or something beyond human control,but a big concern like TMnet should have backups don't they? The other day I was at their service center and I took the chance to complain about the slow connection speed and the answer they gave me was a very casual, "too many users". Like hell, as if I don't know. They are monopolizing the business, of course there are too many users. Since they know they are too many users why did they not upgrade their system? Instead they are giving out more offers and getting more customers to jam up the system the entire system.

I have been waiting for like ages for a serious competitor to challenge them, but so far, even with lots of publicity about new broadband ISPs coming up, I haven't seen one materialize. The minute one come to town, it is going to bye bye Tmnet.